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Perpetual Wealth Advisors, LLC. (PWA) is a Charlotte-based fee-only financial consulting firm.  As is required by law for North Carolina-based advisors, PWA is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in the state of North Carolina.  We are also registered in the states of Minnesota, Texas, Georgia, and California.  (Note that we can legally accept clients from any U.S. state up to de minimus standards for that state and as required, we will register in additional states to serve additional clients).  Registration of an Investment Advisor does not imply any level of skill or training.  We provide comprehensive advising services by:

PWA was founded in 2007 as a next-generation financial consulting firm.  We stray from the traditional client-advisor product sales-focused relationship and instead seek to provide broad financial advice to a diverse group of clients.  We feel there is a significant industry void in financial planning services that serve the middle and upper-middle class.  We also believe there is a void in services that do more than just investment management or insurance sales.   We strive to provide unbiased, affordable, comprehensive financial consulting to all individuals regardless of their level of income or net worth.  In short, we want to be the place you turn when you have questions, issues, or needs in any part of your financial life.


As a fee-only RIA firm, we play the role of a fiduciary in serving you.  That is, we are legally obligated, as well as obligated by our own Code of Ethics, to act in your best interest.  We have done our best to align our business model and future profitability with your ongoing success and happiness.  We DO NOT sell any financial products, take commissions, accept payment for referrals, or receive monetary compensation other than that provided by you for our services.  Because we have structured our business in this way, you can be certain that the recommendations and services we offer you are for your benefit, rather than for the benefit of someone else who might be paying us a commission (i.e. if we recommend an insurance policy, you can be certain that we're not doing it b/c the insurance company will pay us a commission for getting you to take the policy).  We believe the only successful client/advisor relationship is one based on trust and that the fee-only business model is one of the ways to build that trust.


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Neither PWA, nor its representatives are Certified Public Accountants or licensed attorneys. As such, PWA is not in the business of providing tax or legal advice to its clients. The filing of tax documents on clients’ behalf, and inclusion of estate and tax planning topics in financial plans, should not be confused with the expert advice provided by a CPA or licensed attorney. All clients are encouraged to seek independent, competent legal counsel and accountants for their legal and tax advising needs.